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Young mother reveals the secret to get fit shape after giving two children with an 80/20 diet in only one month
December 07 2018, 11:19 AM
 The young mother quickly regained her body after giving birth only after 4 weeks of overcrowding without complicated secret.

After completing the task of bringing the baby safely, she begins a new fight. It is considered as a way to regain her fit shape. Saying is very easy but conducting this fight is really difficult for them. However, if you know the way to listen your body, you will be successful in getting fit body again.

Nicole Knight, a 25-year-old girl overcame 2 pregnancies and childbirth. Also she is a very active member sharing her weight loss tips on her personal Instagram page. Recently, other mothers admire her deeply when this young mother posts her beautiful pictures showing her fit body that is unbelievable, because she only gave a birth to second child a month ago.

After giving birth, mothers will gain weight during pregnancy that is unavoidable because they must actively eat to nourish their baby in the belly. But the secret to lose weight after giving birth is she knows how to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise everyday to get her body back to its original state before having pregnancy.

She said that being a child, she was interested in playing sport and she still keep it until now even having two pregnancy. Also, she combines healthy 80/20 diet to help his body stay healthy and fit.

Nicole explained clearly about her 80/20 diet, instead of eating her favorite food or unhealthy diets, she focused on a healthy diet for the whole process. 80% of the whole menu will include healthy foods that is good for mother and baby health and the remaining 20% will consist of personal favorite food.

Mother’s daily menu usually includes:

– Breakfast: A glass of vegetable salad, tuna and avocado in the mid morning.

– Lunch: minced beef noodles.

– Snack: Have a snack with fruit or carrot snacks, with peanut butter.

– Dinner: salmon, green leafy vegetables or pasta.

– Supper: dessert with hot chocolate, fresh fruit, yogurt or some cream.

Every woman will experience different way of losing weight. Low-calorie or strict diets, however, are not recommended for use during pregnancy or after giving birth. Trying to lose weight fastly can mean that you have to choose low-calorie foods while the mother’s body is in desperate need of energy and nutrients to feed the baby.


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