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Young mother is in love passionately and neglects her son when he crawls out to the highway, and the truck with the high speed doesn’t get a chance to brake 
February 13 2019, 3:29 PM
The incident made many people surprised, and the mother regretted for letting her child fall into danger.

Children are often mischievous, so adults must keep an eye on children to not make unfortunate incidents happened. Only a bit of negligence, carelessness of a father and mother can threaten the safety of children. Recently, a Facebook user shared a story about a mother’s carelessness, which caused the child to fall into a dangerous situation.

The poster of this article shared while driving through a road with a hilly, sparsely populated area when suddenly a child was crawling out into the middle of the road. It was when the woman was in love with her husband in the house and did not care about the baby.

The man was surprised when he spontaneously saw a young boy crawling in the middle of the road, so he stopped the car to come and help. Looking around without anyone, this person hurriedly picked up the baby and went straight to the small house by the road to ask about the baby. Unexpectedly, he saw a woman wrapped in a blanket lying on a wooden panel next to her yard. Asking out, this is the mother of a boy who has just crawled to the big road.

The woman who was the mother of the child was very shocked when she saw the strange man carrying her baby. But she became even more frightened when she found out that she had just unintentionally let her one son crawl through the lane, out to the big road. Luckily, the baby meet this man and some other good roadgoers. If nothing happens to the child, the mother will regret her whole life.

So knowing how to look after children should be especially careful. Because they are carefree, not aware of their actions, so adults need to keep an eye on them, only a little carelessness can happen to the dangers, affecting the safety of the child.


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