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This young man surfed on a giant wave as tall as a high buiding
August 19 2018, 1:50 PM
This wave seemed to be able to 'swallow' this guy but he still nailed it !

Through this short video below, we have a chance to withness an extremely impressive scene, not only because of the majesty of the wave but also because of the expert surfing skills of this young man.

He’s definitely a professional athele. Needless to say, his speed is even by far faster than the wave. The wave even has to chase after him.

This is really cool, to be honest. However, you know for sure that this man is a professional surfer and he must have had practiced for years physically as well as mentality in order to have enough courage to encounter such a huge wave like that one.

And if you, though having passion, are an amatuer, do not try huge waves like that. Because we have to bear in mind that every bad accidents could happen.

Watching video: 

Ngoc Anh



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