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Young man suddenly became paralyzed, his hands were always “saluting the flag” just because of the common pre-bedtime habit
January 06 2019, 12:10 AM
It is a strong warning for young people: Don't glue to your phone and bring it to the bed.

Many people have a habit of using the phone before going to bed without knowing how dangerous it is.

The 40-year-old man, Wang, coming from Chengdu, Sichuan (China) paid a heavy price for his habit. Because of busy daytime, he hasn’t much time to use mobile phone. However, when living alone, Mr. Wang used to hold the phone for 2-3 hours every night before going to bed.

A few days ago, Mr. Wang suddenly felt uncomfortable in his neck vertebrae, then gradually felt hurt his chest. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up or walk. Being frightened, he rushed to the hospital to check. After only a few hours, he suddenly lost consciousness and even urinated in unconsciousness.

The doctor said that, because of working in a restaurant, Mr. Wang’s neck was always benting for a long time. At night, he was often lying on his phone, which causing his neck vertebrae to be hurt more. Incorrect posture causes tension in the neck and spinal degeneration.

Moreover, his hand was also unconsciously raised as if he was holding a phone. Therefore, the doctor warns not to use the phone for too long. If you use it, you must also adjust the posture correctly.

Source: Bomb01


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