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Young man carrying two boys without a helmet, raising two arms to take photos and letting a boy drive makes netizens angry
September 13 2018, 4:19 PM
It is too dangerous, people should be careful when in the street

Taking two boys on the road, the young man suddenly let drop both hands so that the boy sat in front of the driver for a long distance. Even the young man laughed, raising his hands happily posing for many people.

On September 12, the social network spread clips recorded scenes of young men riding a motorbike Exciter carrying two children but drop two hands to sit in front of the driver, Hung posted.

Soon after the clip was posted, it caught the attention of netizens. Most of the comments are outrageous with despicable actions, despised by law, despising the lives of those in the car and on the road.

Watch video:

Hai Linh

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