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Young girls got to hand it to the old pockmarked woman due to her lifestyle, young man also served hers exhaustedly
October 12 2018, 4:28 PM
After famous on the social network, the life of the old woman has changed a lot.

The relationship between Mrs. Sitang (Thailand) and young pilot caused the whole social network to be attracted. When the netizens didn’t remember her name, Sitang is just a normal transsexual with a happy life of two young boys. But now, Sitang has a life like a showbiz star when she livestreams and exchanges with fans everyday,…

Although her life has been changed and even a lot of young men have come to the intimate after a little bit of fame, the old woman is still in love with the first guy. When he saw his lover imitated with other boys, the young pilot fled and kept silently to help her job. Therefore, there are many people feel extremely jealousy with the old pockmarked woman when there is a person who loves and protects passionately.

Recently, the people are not shocked to learn about the life of Ms. Sitang. Accordingly, Sitang livestreams on social networking to meet with fans, just gently flutter with his lover every day. However, the old girl seems to turn into a completely different person at the bars at night. Not only was she dressed up and dancing, she also made many people blush when she constantly made sexy gestures, even stripped the young men in the crowd. This scene makes many people shake their head, but older girls see this as a battle to share the enthusiasm.

Sitang is still a name that attracts the attention of many people. But if she still keeps on the lifestyle, perhaps she will soon fall into forgetfulness.

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