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After a year of losing his life, healthy husband suddenly comes back to family, his wife is surprised that she made a serious mistake in the past
January 15 2019, 4:07 PM
Japanese press regarded this incident as a rare one that only happened in a novel. Surprisingly, it occurred in the real life.

This rare incident was reported by Japanese TV station, Fuji TV on January 8. A man who left his life in 2017 suddenly returned in a very healthy condition, which made his family members surprised.

In June 2017, police found the body of an unnamed man(A) in Katsushika, Tokyo. At that time, his family living in Chiba Prefecture went to the local police to report the incident that was he was temporarily absent from the family. After receiving the photo of body from the police, family based on that information and age and height to determine that that body was A. After that, the police handed over the body for the family to organize the funeral.

However, surprisingly, in  May 5, 2018, the man suddenly appeared in front of his house. He was still alive and extremely healthy, making his wife and children happy.

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In June 2017, another family living in the same area of Katsushika also reported his missing relative named B. But at that time, A’s family confirmed that body, so the police did not contact B’s family members.

t is known that A is a 40-year-old man who lives in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture while B is only 30 years old from Katsushika, Tokyo. Both had quite similar appearance and the same height. Even when placing two photos of A and B next to each other, the police admitted that their faces had many similarities.

After A’s return, his wife called to report to the police that her husband was still alive. At this time, the forces conducted to take fingerprints, determining that body was B. Japanese press called this incident rare one. However, many people said that this confusion came from the police’s irresponsibility when they did not conduct to have a comparison of DNA samples or fingerprints of the person who left life to identify identity before returning them to family for burying.

Source: Sina

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