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Having wrinkled skin as an old woman even though she is just 26, this girl still does not give up her dream of becoming a model
November 26 2018, 10:54 AM
Modeling job is often known for its rigorous physical requirements, but this girl has overcome these extreme barriers in order to make her dream of becoming a professional model come true.

Sara Geurts, a 26-year-old woman from the United States of America, is known for her extremely special skin. Although she was very young, Geurt’s skin is aging and sagging leaving no wrinkles the same as the elderly. She is diagnosed with the syndrome (Ehlers-Danlos) that is temporarily understood that the body does not produce collagen that can not stretch the skin beautiful and reproduce as normal people.

Despite suffering from the disease, Sara Geurts still cherishes her burning passion from childhood to become a professional model. Although many people laugh at her dream and advise her to give up. Sara Geurts is determined to make her passion come true. In fact, she has filed into a company specializing in training the model. The unexpected results that happened to her when she was accepted by the trainers who felt very excited about Sara’s confident style. Though her skin was not as perfect as others, perhaps this weakness stimulated her to try more and more.

Sharing with people, Sara Geurts said that the first few days when she knew she had this terrible disease , everything was very difficult. She seemed to have collapsed completely, but for a while, she regained her composure and thought about the rest of my life. She could not keep it like this.

And then she  slowly regained her self-confidence. She was even more confident than before she got sick. Even though life didn’t give her perfectness, if she knew what to do, everything would be fine. She was very grateful to her parents and friends, who have been with her in the most difficult times. She hopes that through her story people will keep pursuing passion and not lose belief in life!

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