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The worst challenge in football history happened this weekend
October 11 2018, 10:46 AM
The tackle is full of maliciousness, make many spectators feel angry.

Cardiff City’s Joe Ralls was given a lot of stick for his cynical red card challenge on Lucas Moura in his side’s 1-0 defeat to Spurs, but it really does pale in comparison to the crazy lunge over in Ukraine.

In the 1-1 draw Prykarpattya and Sumy played out in the Persha Liga on Sunday, Mykola Kvasy from the hosts’ team, flew in an produced a wild MMA style lunge on an opponent in the 60th minute.

It was so bad that even Neil Warnock would probably just about admit that it was worthy of a sending off.

He was never, ever getting anywhere near the ball but having watched it multiple times with a slow motion replay, we’re not sure he was even making a genuine attempt to win it.

It’s a miracle the right-back didn’t suffer a serious injury after such a dangerous tackle but to the surprise of absolutely no-one, Kvasy was given his marching orders by the referee.

He did issue an apology on his official Instagram page but there’s no way you can excuse him going full Sunday League like that.

In other news relating to shocking tackles, it was recently the 25th anniversary of quite possibly the worst tackle in Football League history.

Back in 1993, Wycombe Wanderers player Jason Cousins demonstrated just why he was nicknamed ‘Psycho’ when he clattered a Doncaster Rovers player with some ridiculous force.

“This tackle is the worst I have ever witnessed in my thirty years of watching the beautiful game” claimed football commentator Phil Catchpole via Shortlist, though Cousins somehow avoided a red card!

Watch video:

Source video: Prykarpattya

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