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Worrying about behavior of housekeeper, so the owner decided to install the camera, he was scared until watching the record
November 28 2018, 2:15 PM
Whether the owner is brave or not, he will be threatened by this terrible scene.

Nurul Baker from Singapore found that his housekeeper had a lot of strange expressions recently. Due to his busy work is too busy, he did not have time to observe her. Therefore, he immediately decided to install the camera.

Turn on the screen, the scene makes him shocked. The housekeeper worn a white dress with long hair. Although she is still young, she goes back all the time.

Another thing is more horrible that although her left hand was empty, she did the same action as walking with a cane. And the other hand pointed in the air continuously.

Then, the housekeeper walked to the side and sat down to the floor, she was motionless as if nothing else. The black and white image and her actions made the host feel like watching horror movies.

Nhiều người cho rằng, cô giúp việc này đã bị ma nhập, cần phải đưa đến cảnh sát hoặc bệnh viện tâm thần. Ngoài ra, họ còn khuyên chủ nhà không nên giữ lại cô ta kẻo có ngày bị hù chết không chừng.

Many people say that this housekeeper has been possessed. In addition, they also advised owner that he should fire her.


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