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The world’s first self-injected immortal 3.5 million-year-old bacteria into the body to be forever young
September 14 2018, 8:52 AM
Having spent tens of thousands of dollars on beauty for the past few years, it is not enough for this woman to be ready, despite the danger of injecting a strange bacterium into her body.

Human in general, especially women always want to look as young as they can be so that they can maintain their beauty. Therefore, they have made used of hundred of ways, even the weirdest ones to keep their youth alive.

Manoush has become the pioneer to self-inject the non-aging cell

A 45-year-old German actress, Manoush injected a 3.5-million-year-old bacterium called Bacillus F, from the eternal ice in Siberia into her body to prevent aging process.

  She did it on her own

Manoush describes herself as a “laboratory mouse” as the first person in the world to inject herself in the body of Bacillus F, a bacteria non-aging cell.

Bacillus F was first discovered in 2009 by Dr. Brouchkov and praised it as “a drug that helps immortal humans.” It lay stuck in an ancient, ancient frozen land about 3.5 million years old in the Mammoth Mountain area of ​​the Republic of Sakha, the largest one in Siberia, Russia.

According to Manoush, the therapy helped her to become younger and healthier

In 2015, the team successfully “unlocked” the DNA code of the bacteria. They say that Bacillus F has no signs of aging and believes it could be the key to maintaining health and well-being for humans.

Samples containing bacterial extracts were given by Dr. Brouchkov to Manoush. She used this method for over three months. Manoush said it was really effective when her face became more youthful and richer. “My skin is soft as baby’s skin, I sleep very well, I’ve never felt so good,” the woman said. Manoush has been doing it for the past three months and claims that the therapy helped her to become younger and healthier.

Images of Manoush after injection of bacteria is believed to be 3.5 million years old into the body to young forever not old.

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