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‘Wonder boy’ amazes netizens when lighting bulbs without electricity by touching it
December 03 2018, 3:21 PM
Indian boy lights the bulbs without electricity by using his bare hands.

A boy in India claimed to be able to light an electric bulb just by touching it. However, some people questioned the truth of the boy’s “skill”, saying the camera never filmed the boy’s entire body, which means it is possible that the electricity is made to enter his body via one of his limbs and that his body is acting as a conductor.

In previous reports of ‘human light bulbs’, it has been claimed that a lack of sweat glands can have an impact on the ability to resist shock. However, this has not been confirmed. Moreover, there is no  medical or scientific explanation as to why some people can light electrical bulbs by merely touching.

What do you think about this boy?

Watch video:

Video source: CGTN

Video source: CGTN

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