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Women suprises at the monstrous nail trend which is decorated with the mosquito!
August 03 2018, 3:50 PM
With the need for unique beauty, the women are not afraid to try bizarre style nails when using the insect to decorate.

The beauty of women is always a series of issuesthat seemingly never ends. Every day, social networking sites come up with beauty products, make-up and nail trends from beautiful trend to monstrous trend to serve the needs of the women. However, No one thinks that insects, mosquitoes, flies, … become the tool to do this kind of nail.

Do you think that Mosquitoes can be used as beauty tools

 Recently, a social network account has created a unique beauty trend to help make the girls nails more beautiful and prominent. Without polishing or decorating flowers, but the nails still make you get excited.

In the clip, the woman is starting a special manicure session. Specifically, after applying a glossy liquid, the nail technician will quickly bring the dead body of a mosquito to the nail. They use an iridescent yellow liquid to cover it. The final step to make the nails become more shimmering.

It maybe becomes a viral trend!

It looks unique! do you wanna try?

This nails trend really make many sisters have to think because it is a bit scary but still contains many interesting and equally splendid. Although many people are interested in this new beauty products, but most of the comments are very puzzled about the beauty trend today. Therefore, many of the comments are mixed with the arguments from the netizen.

Watch video:

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