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Woman refuses to stand up after being hit by toy car, making netizens angry
October 11 2018, 3:43 PM
The woman persists in not standing up despite being hit by a toy car.

Bizarre footage has emerged from China of a woman refusing to stand up after she was bumped by a toy Mercedes-Benz.

In the video, filmed on March 13 in Changde, Hunan Province , this woman sits on the ground in front of the mini car after being hit by it. She doesn’t look happy either.

According to local reports, a little girl driving the little vehicle crashed into the woman by accident. However, the woman refused to stand up and called an ambulance.

The childish behavior of the woman when persisting in not standing up made netizens get angry. One commented: “You are crazy, woman. Why you have such a childish action?”.

Watch video: 

Video source: Newsflare

Video source: Newsflare

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