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Woman makes mini spicy chicken pizzas without a microwave oven—they look absolutely delicious
June 27 2018, 5:25 PM
Wanna try some pizzas? In this cooking video, you’ll be shown how to make mini tawa pizzas.

What’s a tawa pizza? It means making a pizza on the stove top using a Tawa—a circular metal griddle used for cooking in South Asia—instead of baking it in a microwave oven.

In this footage, YouTuber Cooking with Asifa shows us how to make mini spicy chicken pizzas without an oven.

To make the mini tawa pizzas, first, she prepares the dough.

Then, she places the mini pizza crusts on a Tawa and pokes several holes in them with a fork to release air and gases.

Next, she cooks the crusts for 2–3 minutes on low flame until they turn brown and crisp on both sides.

Following this, she spreads pizza sauce on them and adds toppings of her choice—including cooked spicy chicken pieces, olives, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, as well as green, yellow, and red capsicum.

Lastly, she covers the mini pizzas, cooks them for another 5 minutes, and they are done!

Yummy! Just look at the delectable toppings. Watch to learn how to make them yourself.

Source: NTD

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