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The woman digs the poisonous hole with her bare hands, catches its the tail and toss like toys, which causes the village to be scared
September 13 2018, 3:39 PM
Many people stand around her to witness the woman catch the dangerous animal.

Snakes are dangerous species, especially if snakebites can cause death. Therefore, for those who have the job of snake catching, they must have strict protection and professional catching skills.

The short video captures the scene that makes many viewers fearful. The woman used an exaggeration to dig up the cobra cave that made it crawl out. When the snake went out of the hole, it was quickly hook up and held by her bare hand. The cobra is quite large but she is confident holding its tail.

It seems to be very easy for her to do sp the animal has been subdued in front of the admiration of many people. However, for those who have never caught a snake, do not try it because the poisonous snake can cause the death for the healthy people.

So what should you do when a snake approaches you?

That would depend on the snake and your distance.  What you describe is not a common situation in my experience.  Most of the time, people invade their space, not the other way around.  Snakes usually don’t attack humans except if they consider you prey.  Large Boas like the Anaconda can and large Pythons could for small children or pets.

Poisonous snakes can be aggressive as well, like the Cobra, Black Mamba and Sidewinder rattlesnake.  But most snakes don’t want to meet you since you are a predator to them.

If you happen to surprise a snake while walking, standing still is a good initial tactic.  With rattlers, you could slowly reverse your course and extract yourself from the confrontation.  And I mean SLOWLY.  I’m fairly sure Copperheads will escape fairly quickly if you freeze.  I almost stepped on one while hiking and it hissed for several seconds before slithering away in the other direction (off trail fortunately.)  Water Moccasins I don’t know about.  I’ve heard stories they can drop into boats or chase you if you try to run, but I’m not sure.  I saw one swim past my Bass boat once; that was enough exposure to them for me.

Sidewinders will chase prey animals and they can move pretty fast when on a suitable surface, but people–again that could just be hyperbole.  The other species of rattlers are pretty shy and will strike only if threatened.

Snakes are dangerous species, especially if snakebites can cause death.

The short video captures the scene that makes many viewers fearful.

Perhaps the woman have practiced and experienced snake catching skills so she can do it professionally. However, you should not try it!

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Source: Quora

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