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Woman caught on camera stealing from Uber driver’s tips jar
December 02 2018, 9:03 AM
Shocking moment an Uber passenger wearing a bra is caught on camera stealing money from her driver's tip jar

In the viral video, a young woman is seen grabbing cash from a tip jar before dashing out of the car.

Gabrielle Canales, the girl sharing a ride with two pals in New York, thought she was being sneaky as she grabbed the money inside the box. She didn’t realise that there was a camera in front of her, recording every move.

The video shows the three girls chatting quietly in the back of the cab.

She sneakily took the money of the driver

Then quickly make her exit without the money owner – the Uber driver notice.

The driver is seemingly unaware of what is happening until moments after the woman leaves, when he seems to spot the empty jar out of the corner of his eye.

It is recorded that he tried to chase the trio, yet they got away

Responding to online criticism after the video went viral, the 18-year-old girl said she ‘only’ took five dollars from the driver. She did claim to have later returned it.

Uber said Canales has been banned from using the app.

Watch here:

Video credit: Dailymail


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