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Without a steamer, this chef uses thing that is ten times simpler to cook and the result is beyond the imagination
September 12 2018, 9:34 AM
Although not having a modern steamer, you can still make great steaks thanks to this simple little trick!

Autoclave now seems to be an indispensable item in the kitchen of the housewife. Because instead of constantly eating soup, fried foods, fried foods, sometimes they can also be exchanged for family meals with steaming dishes, of course with the help of steamer. However, without the autoclave, you can still make delicious dishes by applying this little trick from the chef Justin Chapple.

The unique trick is share by professional chef

Justin Chapple is Chef Steps’ professional chef. Besides, he is also a hot Instagrammer with account of more than 30,000 followers.

Some delicious food was made by Justin

Everyone is fascinated by the food that he shared on his Instagram. When making steamed fish, Justin does not need to use the steamer but use the familiar item: The silver paper.

Roll 4-5 sheets of paper into balls like these. Remember to make an equalty as it will cause imbalance when placing the food Next, place the steamed ingredients on the plates and place them on top of the silver foil. Pour water on the dish Cover and cook until the food is cooked

See how Justin steame fish with silver paper so that from now even without the steamer, you can also make steam dishes for the whole family to enjoy. Justin explains that this method of using silver paper has the potential to lead very fine heat. When they continue with the heat will transfer to the food plate at the top so that food can be cooked quickly, evenly, not under-cooked but still ensure the delicious taste of food.

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