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You will never SMOKE CIGARETTES after watching this video 
August 05 2018, 9:26 AM
A real story of a former smoker.

Terrie Linn McNutt Hall (July 19, 1960 – September 16, 2013) smoked her first cigarette at 13.

In 2000, she found a sore in her mouth that was diagnosed with oral cancer. Later she found out she had throat cancer.

Later, she became an American anti-smoking and anti-tobacco advocate.

She was a survivor of 10 cancer diagnoses, undergoing 48 radiation treatments, and nearly 1 year’s worth of chemotherapy, before and after undergoing a laryngectomy in 2001. By her 11th cancer diagnosis, Terrie died at the age of 53.

She acquired a reputation for starring in one of CDC’s smoking ad campaign and traveling across America to educate about the consequences of tobacco use. The goals of her organization are:

  • Build public awareness of the immediate health damage caused by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Encourage smokers to quit, and make free help available.
  • Encourage smokers not to smoke around others, and encourage nonsmokers to protect themselves and their families from exposure to secondhand smoke.

In this video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Terrie shares her story and dissuade people from smoking.

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