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‘I will kill you!’ screams outraged woman at Planet Fitness
August 18 2018, 9:39 AM
A woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is facing charges of malicious destruction after trashing a Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness may usually a “Jugement Free Zone”; however, this mad woman may have pushed that a policy a little too far.

According to a witness she entered the gym at 1:30 am in the morning wearing a red robe, nightgown and flip-flops …. Then she argued with the desk worker and threw away everything showing in front of her.

She was arrested and has been charged with malicious destruction of property, although employee has decided not to press assult charges. Then she still continued to abuse him and said that she would kill him.

Then she attacked continuously him without stopping her action, although other man discouraged her from hitting that desk worker. This woman seems to be aggressive and enraged.

Let’s watch this video!

Watching video:


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