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The wife suddenly came home while the mistress was doing it with the husband, the mistress ran away and was hang on the wire 
February 13 2019, 9:11 AM
The image of a woman in a semi-nude situation hanging over a wire in China is being shared rapidly on social networks.

This video is shared dizzy and becomes the ridiculous focus on social networks.

According to Chinese media, this woman is the mistress of a married man. On that day, when she and her lover were “happy”, the wife suddenly came home earlier than usual, making them both surprised.

When they were put in this situation, the young girl was forced to climb out of the window to escape. However, due to negligence, the woman was caught in the wire and dangled in the sky.

A lot of people around laughed sarcastically because of this rare incident. Some others climbed the wires to rescue the victims.

“Her knees must be hurting. This beautiful image will be saved for posterity, “a netizen commented.

It is not known where exactly the image was recorded and whether the woman was injured after the incident.

Xuan Tr


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