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Wife is shocked because her husband, ‘King of Japanese adult movies’ “made love” with thousands of girls
January 14 2019, 10:26 AM
Wife of Ken Shimizu first shared her thoughts after getting married to an AV movie actor.

Recently, Ken Shimizu (known as Shimiken) has shared his very romantic wedding photos with the audience. The actor publicly married on a personal blog last July. His wife is a famous writer and blogger in Japan. The couple dated with each other in 4 years and then decided to get marriage.

Talking to a recent Japanese television program, Hachu said she first met Shimiken more than 4 years ago at a 5-star restaurant. At that time, she felt he was a special person and a world was completely different from her life. As a writer, she was curious about him, discovered his personality, and gradually became attracted to him.

Shimizu Ken is a well-known Japanese high school film actor. He has “filmed” with tens of thousands of actresses. Hachu said that in 4 years of love, her boyfriend’s career made her shocked and stressed, she cried a lot because of being miserable. However, the period of loving him gradually made her understand: “It is his job, not love, jealousy is useless”.

It was change in opinion of Ken’s work that Hachu decided to go further with him, though she wanted to quit many times.

Shimizu Ken participated in more than 7,000 AV movies. His colleagues are estimated tens of thousands of girls, range from female students to middle-aged women. He earns about 24,000 USD per week and owns many big restaurants and hotels in Japan.

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