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Wife puts soap in sock and dissolve it in toilet water, husband shocks to the core seeing result
February 02 2019, 9:11 AM
It would be more weird not to have bar soap.

A bar of soap is one of the most ordinary items in any house. It would be more weird not to have bar soap.

Because it’s such an everyday item, we sometimes forget just how incredible a plain old bar of Pears or Ivory is.

People have been making soap since some of the earliest civilizations rose up in ancient Babylon, and for good reason. Not only does soap keep you clean and sanitary, and has a whole host of other genius uses we should all start taking advantage of!

You may hear of many usage, but have you ever thought that soap could hel prevent bad smell in restroom?

Just put a bar of soap in a sock, then put the sock in the toilet tank. The water in the toilet tank will disclose the soap, giving the water a pleasant smell.

Just put a bar of soap in a sock

then put the sock in the toilet tank

The water in the toilet tank will disclose the soap, giving the water a pleasant smell.

After that, plush the toilet a few times and the disgusting smell in your toilet is now gone!

After that, plush the toilet a few times

If your toilet-cleaning efforts are proving fruitless, here are a few possible reasons.

1. Water in the P-Trap Evaporated

This is by far the simplest problem to fix.

If the smell is coming from a toilet that doesn’t get much use, such as one in the guest room or pool house, or you begin experiencing the smell after a long vacation, simple science may be to blame.

If you look at the pipe behind your toilet, you’ll notice a part that dips down and comes back up. This is the P-trap and one of its purposes is to block sewage gasses from getting into your home by remaining filled with water.

If your toilet goes unused for a long period of time, the water may evaporate, clearing the way for sewage gas to come through.

Flush your toilet a few times to restore the water supply and the problem should disappear.

2. Toilet Drain Is Clogged

Even if your toilet is flushing properly, there may be a small clog in the pipe. Naturally, this clog will begin to smell if not taken care of. You may need to snake the drain to remove the clog.

For more information, check out our blog: How to Unclog a Clogged Toilet

3. Bacteria From Sewer Seeping Into Toilet Bowl

If microorganisms from the sewer make their way into your toilet, one way or another, they may cling to the rim of your toilet bowl and begin to multiply. This issue is especially common during the summer when hot, humid conditions allow bacteria to thrive.

Fortunately, you can give these unwelcomed visitors the boot by pouring a few cups of bleach into the overflow pipe or flush valve, which is inside the toilet tank. Flushing the toilet will release the bleach, wiping out the bacteria and the smell.

4. Vent Pipe Connected to Plumbing System Is Clogged

There is a pipe connected to your plumbing system that extends through the roof to remove or ventilate sewer gasses and allow air to enter the system so wastewater can flow freely.

If this vent becomes clogged, the sewer gas won’t be able to escape and could cause your bathroom to smell.

Check the vent to see if anything is blocking it (this could be anything from a pile of leaves to a bird’s nest). If there appears to be a blockage, we suggest you call a plumber to safely clear it away.

5. Wax Sealing Ring On the Toilet is Damaged

This is where things start to get a little more complex.

It’s fairly common for the wax sealing ring under your toilet become loose over time. When this happens, sewage gas may seep through the cracks and cause your toilet to smell.

You’ll know if your wax sealing ring is loose and needs to be replaced if your toilet wobbles or rocks. This problem should be handled by a plumbing professional.

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