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The wife was intestinal necrosis after a time she ‘pampered’ her husband
February 12 2019, 3:32 PM
Contraception with drugs is one of the many solutions applied because it is easy and effective but it leave very serious consequences without knowing.

To avoid unintended pregnancy, many women choose to take oral contraceptives every day. However, most of the women have self-medication, but not everyone is allowed to use this hormone inhibitor, because there have been cases of intestinal necrosis, myocardial infarction, death by the drug is not prescribed correctly.

I have a new sister recently admitted to hospital after 2 consecutive years of oral contraceptives 4 years. She gave birth to a baby for the first time in a year, she stopped breastfeeding and contraceptives by taking birth control pills, because her husband told him if he prevented condoms from feeling unbearable and cheery, she chose the prize. medication.

In the first time, I noticed that my face had many unexplained burns, and she was very fat despite eating very modestly. In the case of contraceptives, there are times when you forget to drink 2.3 days in a row. Once you have menstrual disorders again. Recently, she felt pain in the abdomen unclear, the doctor asked her to hospital surgery immediately because the gut has been terrible necrosis.

Not only my sister, there are many people heard that contraceptives have the effect of curing acne, eczema effectively so many people buy to drink the blame without knowing the danger of it when drinking not properly designated doctor.

Especially on the forums for women, just ask: “I want to prevent pregnancy but do not know what to use?” The questioner will quickly get a lot of instructions: people advised to take the drug M. because the price D.35 because it has dual use: both contraceptives, acne, beautiful skin … and everyone took themselves to prove so many her beliefs, rest assured to buy drugs. to drink.

A nickname of Saobang lamented on the WTT page: ” I used D.35 does not seem to fit (using the second blister) because the face more acne (disillusioned completely because I thought just as Tita’s mother says has a bright face) and dizziness, headache, nausea like morning should worry also. The mother let herself experience with. ” So many more doctors (BS) “clogs” tips: “You used to be endocrine disorders nausea, vomiting, drink a few blisters will get used to”, or “you switch to the birth control R Go ahead, I was the same as you, after switching to drug R. Drinking careless, nothing. Even, someone said: “You drink a dozen years and then nothing”. Comments like that, but not see anyone recommend “suffering master” should go to specialist doctors to be advised to use the drug accordingly.

Although the drug itself has many side effects, the current use of oral contraceptives is word of mouth, online and purchased at a pharmacy. Go to any western pharmacy, ask the contraceptive is the seller introduced dozens of types, buyers just need to consider … the price, because there are only a few tens of thousands of dollars / blister but there are up to a hundred thousand VND . At drugstore C. on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, when we asked to buy contraceptives to treat acne, the seller immediately introduced: “D.35 this drug acne is very good, only drink three blisters, add one tablet a day vitamin E is clean skin acne, smooth always “.

Ask the side effects of the drug, says young staff: “Just drink right according to the instructions are OK,” not to mention the need to have BS designated to use the drug. In fact, there have been cases of complications, even death because of contraceptive use not prescribed by  Recently, Huynh Anh X., 32 years old, in Ca Mau province had symptoms of headache, then transferred heavy and was put into hospital C. in the state of coma in the state of coma , cerebral hemorrhage, the cause of which is diagnosed to be related to birth control pills. Because of her deep coma, prognosis is difficult to get through so the family asked for and only a few days later she died, leaving behind three children. Similarly, H., 40 years old, in Binh Tan District, suddenly had severe pain in the navel and left abdomen, put in emergency NTP hospital and was identified by the doctor as intestinal blockage due to vaccination.

Contraindications According to Dr Le Thi Kieu Dung – Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic BV Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Medicine, there are many methods of contraception such as oral medication daily, put rings, implants, injection … each method has superior – The disadvantage is that the choice should be tailored to the individual, depending on the individual’s health, psychological status, economic circumstances and education level. Contraceptives currently available with combined oral contraceptives (estrogen + progestin) and progestins alone are daily oral medications, emergency contraceptives, etc. The pill is highly effective and safe, but there are some serious side effects.

Serious complications may include: venous thrombosis in people with pre-existing cardiovascular disease or coagulopathy; Myocardial infarction in women over 35 years of age with smoking, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia; cervical cancer and thyroid gland tumors; jaundice, gallstones, inflammation.

Source: Webtretho

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