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Wife gives birth right on her birthday, husband brings birthday cake to the hospital to make her surprised and happy
September 13 2018, 3:44 PM
A good husband make a surprise for his wife right in the hospital. Despite wearing the patient's clothes, she can have a happy smile. How romantic it is!

Recently the video recorded the story of a husband who want to make a birthday party secretly for his wife in hospital. It is known that she has just given birth a baby for a day. Although the birthday is coming, she doesn’t come back home, still has to be treated in hospital.

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Therefore, her husband decided to make her happier and more surprised right on the hospital’s bed. He and his friends prepared secretly a birthday cake and some candles from the corridors, then he brought it toward to her. At that time, the wife was lying on the patient’s bed in the bad status, wearing the clothes of hospital with the grey face.

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However, seeing the abnormal appearance of husband, she immediately sat up, the meal lunch-box wasn’t be finished. Her friends helped her to wear the birthday’s hat and to pick up the cake from the husband’s band.

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She was so happy that did not say anything. She blew the candles, clapped her hands and smiled, which everyone could feel the happiness on her face. Finally, after blowing candles, the sister and her husband cut the cake to invite everyone around.

(Source: Internet)

After posted on social media, this video has gone viral and given many comments from netizens.

“Our partner is not important to be the rich as long as he loves us more than anything like this!”

“Such a sensible husband, he understands every pains of his wife and the special thing is his love so much that he can do every things, even it’s stupid for his lover”.

“Wow, that’s my dream man. The wife is a luckiest woman in the world”.

How’s about you? What do you think about this surprising party?

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