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Wife crushes man’s testicles: Man dies after 5 minutes of ball-crushing agony
August 10 2018, 1:55 PM
A Vietnamese man died of suffocation after an altercation with his wife during which she reportedly crushed his testicles.

On July 10, A married man came to the house of his wife and daughters. But they didn’t let him in. Then, he decided to break into the house by using a hand saw to cut the lock.

Having been refused to be let in, he used a was to cut the door lock

The sad thing happened when this separated couple started fighting. Even though their daughters begged them to stop, but the husband continued to punch hardly in his wife’s face.

However, the wife took the control and wrestled him to the floor, climbing and sitting on his stomach. This mother angrily crushed the man’s balls until neighbors arrived and convinced her to stop.

Knocked down !

The kids could do nothing because they were so scared. They just sit there and cried for help. When the police came, the face of the man became purple and he seemed to be unconcious. So that an ambulance was called to send him to the nearest hospital.

She wouldn’t have stopped if there had been no involvement of neighbors

This news soon became popular and many people discussed over it. They left comment like:

“No woman deserves abuse, no man deserves abuse. Issue solved.”

“He got what he deserved. Should never raise his hand to his wife to begin with.”

“Ok, if a woman has my balls gripped like that, I am going to do everything in my power to stop her. If it came to it, I would drive my thumbs into her eye sockets to make her let go. I mean, you would think this guy could have just kept punching her until she let go.”

watch the video to see what happened:

Ngoc Anh


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