The wife bumps into her husband having an affair while hugging her little daughter. The husband insists on defending his paramour on the street, which makes netizens extremely irritated

Posted on 10-08-2018.

 After discovering that her husband was hanging out with his mistress on the street, the wife hugging her daughter with her parents made a scene of jealousy causing a chaos on the street.

On August 7th, on the social network appeared a clip recording an incident in which the wife accidentally caught her husband walking with his lemma on the street. According to numerous sources,  this incident is supposed to happen on Xa Dan Street, Hanoi.

It, from the clip, can be seen that after finding her husband going along with his mistress on the street, the wife bringing her little child came toward them with an intention of making a scene of jealousy. After being caught up, the paramour sat down on the road and insisted on embracing the man’s legs tightly.

Too provoked by this, the wife rushed into that girl and grabbed her hair, continuously hit the girl who was keeping embracing her husband’s legs. Being beaten, the paramour constantly shouted “Save me”. At that moment, some people came in to dissuade. About the husband, he still struggled to embrace his little daughter who is crying so badly while his wife was shouting and screaming as well as holding her sandals to hit the mistress sitting down on the road in front of a lot of people out there.


The husband hugged his mistress to shelter her  and simultaneously shout out loud: “Enough, it’s enough”. After a while, two old people are thought to be te wife’s parents present appeared at the scene trying to pull the mistress into question. “Do you know you are ruining my daughter’s family?. Raise your face up right now”, the man who is supposed to be the husband’s father-in-law. However, the husband and his mistress, at this time, still insisted on embracing each other tightly.

Another woman who was next to the wife also said: “I used to go to the wife’s parents’ house and found that this couple has not divorced, yet. This disgusting girl is trying to ruin their relationship in purpose.”

After a while, some people rushed into to separate this couple out. At this time, tan old woman said to the mistress: “Now are you brave enough to say whether you’re right or you’re wrong in front of such a number of people here?” However, the paramour still only stay silent and say nothing. Right afterthat, some people dragged the girl away and tried to disperse the crowd that caused the street block.

It is unclear how this incident is resolved, however, a series of videos shared on social network has attracted a lot of netizens’ attention.

 Thu Thủy