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The whole family totally SHOCKED when the doctor declared: 3 children are same egg, hold or leaves, it’s the mothers choice.
August 10 2018, 10:29 AM
It's the hardest choice for a mother because no one wants to throw away their children, but if they are born they also have the risk of sticking together, affecting their lives.

Looking at three lovely boys, everyone must admire the confidence and energy of the young mother.

“It’s the hardest choice for a mother because no one wants to throw away their children, but if they are born they also have the risk of sticking together, affecting their lives.” the mother, Ms. Lan (34 years old, Ha Noi) has overcome all so now can be satisfied when looking at her children,laughing all day…

Recalling the date of knowing the pregnancy 3, she was very bewildered: “When the ultrasound for the first time, the doctor told her to be pregnant, but only see a pregnant, a picture look blurry. But a week later, the doctor said she was three. I sound like lightning across the ear. When visiting the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, the doctor advised to abort a pregnancy, but at the same test eggs can not be removed. Keep all or throw all!!.

When deciding to keep the three children in the abdomen, Lan must live in fear, trembling, waiting for the appointment to see doctors to hear the results on the children. Fortunately, at 7 weeks, doctors say 3 pregnancies do not stick together. So she was relieved, relieved for the first time, to begin a long journey behind.

“My husband and I are anxiously waiting until week 18 to see if we have twin pregnancy syndrome. Again anxiety, nightmare, wait, live in insecurity. Until the doctor tells you not to have this syndrome, glad to not give up. But in the 14th week of pregnancy, I have to sew the uterus waist to keep pregnant because the doctor said otherwise sewing, fear of pregnancy will slide out. I was very scared, but luckily this is just a small procedure, done pretty fast and I went back to rest 2 days is normal.

The brave mom with her ”super hero” children.

Photo when Ms.Lan pregnant.

“23:00 pm night in the operating room. At the preparation of the operation, the doctor told the nurse : “When I finished surgery, the baby carries quickly to the recovery room.” And the doctor performed the surgery very quickly, about 10 minutes to complete three children. He was crying very loudly, the doctor said: “1.4kg”, the second baby is 1.2kg and the third baby is 1.1kg. All three babies are bigger than expected weight. The operation decision is absolutely correct. The happiness bursting is not how to write, “she said.

But after the surgery, Ms. Lan suffered a great physical pain and anxiety over the life of the children: “I finished my pain, because the uterus has dilated, shrink. I did not go to urinate, but pain that tears out. I have to lie in isolation glasses. Four days later, I could go to see the baby. At first look at the mercy of the child: black, dark skin wrinkled, hairy. The ribs and skin look so sticky. Breath is weak, diminished. Eyes open only. At that time I do not know if you can live? Luckily, three boys grown up strongly and healthy, and Ms. Lan recovery day by day. Now this is truly a super hero family, they live,love and laugh together.

Let’s watch some pictures of this 3 boys and their parents!!

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