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Whole family cooperates to carry the huge python, but they run away when they are just at the door 
December 06 2018, 9:34 AM
Two huge and long pythons make the couple spend lots of effort to pull them to their home, but it seems to be hard to complete their wishes.

Snake is a dangerous animals to humans. But there are always risky people who like to hug pythons as pets. Recently, on the social network, a video attracted the attention of netizens.

The video recorded a couple was carrying two pythons to their home. The huge animals draw lots of attentions to many people; however, they got into trouble due to its large size.

They were carrying these pythons

Their special size attracted many people

While the husband were excited to hug the python, the wife tried to get another python into the house, but its size makes the wife get into trouble to pull it inside

Watching video:

Video credit: Collected


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