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A whole apartment complex uses fishy water for 6 years, founding an old suitcase bearing a barbaric secret in the bathroom.
January 26 2019, 9:41 AM
The body part in the suitcase was defined to be the husband who involved in a  savage case occurred six years ago.

Police in the Bangkhunnon area, Thailand determined that the suitcase found in the bathroom of the apartment on the 4th floor was the remainder of the husband who was killed by his wife 6 years ago. Currently, his body part buried but no one dared to destroy the bag because of the horror that it caused to the whole apartment complex during the past 6 years.

In the photo is the wife who killed her paralysed husband when she was in an illusion.

Reportedly, the case of a wife killed her husband because of illusion disturbed public opinion in Thai Land, 2012. The wife stated that she took 10 types of medicine so that she was unconscious and thought that her husband would self-sacrifice, so she decided to act it for him. After killing him, she divided her husband’s body into small parts and dumped it in many places to hide. However, because of the obsession, the wife gave herself up to the police and told them where she hid each part of his body but only his head unfound.

The wife re-occurred the scene.

People thought that life imprisonment was a reasonable result for such horrified case but the story did not end. Residents there left the building in turn because of strange phenomena like haunts, especially when night fell. Not only did the room happen the case, but the entire fourth floor of the apartment complex was also abandoned, no one dared to come close.

As for whom who stayed,  they said that every night, they could hear footsteps hitting the ceiling, but that was normal in a crowded place so they didn’t pay too much attention. Not only that, sometimes their source of drinking water was so fishy but the smell also disappeared quickly.

Until a few days ago, The policemen involved in the old case have not given up, so they decided to return to the scene again. At first, the survey results were zero like the previous times but just as they were about to leave, the bathroom door suddenly opened and revealed the suitcase that had become old because of dust. Finally, the rest of the ill-fated husband was found in the suitcase after 6 years of lost. It turned out that in a panic, the wife hid the suitcase deep inside the bathroom vents, posing the police difficulties in searching for years.

The suitcase was found after years.

Inside it is the husband’s head.

The apartment complex becomes deserted after 6 years.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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