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Whether anyone’s brave, they will get goosebumps when recognizing creatures in nature is not as lovely as in the imagination
November 25 2018, 4:17 PM
Just glance at the scene, people feel bone-chilling because of the cruel nature scene.

The most common animals (and bugs) that people fear are: spiders, mice, moths, sharks, bees, certain dogs (mainly pit bulls, Rottweilers…), snakes, etc.

These fears can have any cause, such as evolutionary. With sharks, the fear is pretty self explanatory. But animals like spiders which are mainly harmless, may have been linked to many deaths a thousand years ago. Perhaps they used to be larger or more poisonous.

These fears can also rise from life experiences. If a little boy was attacked by a chow chow and had to be hospitalized, he likely will fear chow chows (or all other dogs in extreme cases) for a long time after his incident.

The mortal battle between snakes and centipede.

The snake is too small when standing in front of its enemies.

It is a disgusted dish which makes people lost appetite.

Green frogs invade this world.

Bees can nest anywhere they like.

After a heavy rain,…

Every battle has a winner and a loser.

If you are accidentally bitten by this fish, you define yourself as ‘a prey’ for it!

There isn’t anything that can swallow!

Does anyone dare to go to toilet?

Which plane does the fish come from?

Python looks kind but it’s very dangerous.

Source: Kyler.Sam


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