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Weeping tears before the scene of an old woman sitting in the rainy buys spring onions to earn a living
October 09 2018, 10:17 AM
Due to the old age, her movement wasn't as quick as the young people.

At her age, she should be at home to enjoy the life and reunion with her children and grandchildren. However, she has to make a living and pick spring onions day by day. According to a netizen: “There is an old woman is picking spring onions to make the living on the busy road with rows of tall buildings in the crowded line.”

It makes anyone see feel mercy because she enjoy her life and spend the happiness time with her family. Many passers-by buy her product to help her come home soon.

According to the trusted information, she only has a son who is a disabled person.

After the video was posted on the social network, it quickly attracted the interest of the online community. Most people are sympathetic to their situation. And they also intend to help her have a better life.

“There are still old disabled people who try to make the living. However, some healthy people go scam, rob, beg, fake illness to get money for others. Poor her!” A person said.

“She should enjoy her rest of life with her family at her age, it is really sad. Seeing her, I miss my grandmother, I want to go home right now” A netizen touched.

In the life, only need to have warm clothes in the cold is also happy. But it seems to be a luxury for her. Although the age was high, she still has to work hard, so many people can’t stop the tears whether they know her circumstances or not.

The story of the old woman is still being shared online with emotional and compassionate lines.

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