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The way he plays drum is so strange, he is really a genius!
August 13 2018, 2:41 PM
The drummer playing drums makes the viewer admire; however they're attracted because of his unusual performance.  

.The video was recorded a person played drums on the streets of Zaragoza, Spain, which received lots of good comments. The player holding 3 sticks stood one meter away drums. The sticks were hit the drum surface and pushed back skillfully.

Watching carefully, you can see the man playing drums with his heart. He not only used his hands to drum, but he also coordinated with his legs. Someone said that artists have spent a long time to perform in a minute. In order to play skillfully, the man must practice for a long time.

Do you think so? If you think making a dream come true in short time, it is totally wrong. In order to shine on the stage, the artist must persistently perform step by step for many years.

Watching video:


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