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Watching the tiny girl dancing ballet, people can only say: too lovely and wonderful!
August 03 2018, 10:57 AM
By a tiny body, curly hair and a lovely face, she has made viewers around the world feel astonished. 

Talent has never been related to age. Along with the development of society and the media, the more talented children are spotted. Moreover, talent does not depend on shape or body. Talent is hidden element that is deep within each person. Talent can be shown in many section such as singing, dancing, math, science, etc.

Ballet is an art so naturally the dancer will be considered as an artist. Then, undoubtedly, this tiny girl is the most beloved dancer in the world. By modest height, a tiny body, curly tail and a loving face, she has made viewers around the world feel astonished. Please watch and leave your comment below.

She practices dancing hard with friends

She appears as an angel on stage

Flexible dancing moves with very cute facial expression

Her parents were very touched by the performance, even her mother could not help crying


The tiny girl was into the music

The performance ended, she received a reward

Watch video:


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