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Watching this crossfitter born without limbs never felt limited, you will feel strength during hard times
November 08 2018, 4:09 PM
Female Canadian rugby player born without arms and legs becomes a CrossFit sensation.

A Canadian rugby player born without arms and legs has become a CrossFit sensation after a video of her working out went viral.

Lindsay Hilton, 30, of Halifax, joined a CrossFit gym in September after winning a burpee contest.

Hilton, who has played rugby since high school, won a free membership by completing 34 burpees in just one minute.

Since then, she has figured out how to adapt CrossFit’s mix of Olympic weightlifting, cardio and bodyweight exercises to her body.

A recent video of one of Hilton’s workouts shows her using hooks and velcro straps to lift a barbell.

She carries it on her shoulders and takes a few steps.

Then, Hilton’s partner helps her get rid of the hooks and straps, and Hilton completes a series of burpees, jumping over her barbell each time.

Later on, she uses another pair of hooks to tackle a set of pull-ups.

One of Hilton’s friends filmed the video at Hilton’s request because Hilton wanted to check her form.

Hilton, who told the Washington Post she didn’t set out to be inspirational and was just doing ‘everyday activities’, didn’t expect the footage to go viral.

‘Because I’ve been the same way my whole life, I don’t see myself as different than anybody else,’ she told the newspaper.

The footage has also received 5,700 comments, most of them raving about Hilton’s prowess.

‘It’s kind of crazy… I definitely was not expecting that many people to see me do that workout’

Hilton has been active her entire life and played soccer in middle school as well as hockey in high school.

She said “I may not be able to do every movement, but my attitude is I’ll just figure out a way to make it all work”

This is truly an inspirational quote for anyone who anyone who is enduring a hard time to find strength again and move on.

Watch video:

Source video: Yahoo now 

Source: Yahoo now 

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