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Watch adults allegedly use kids to steal in two different scenarios
August 23 2018, 3:58 PM
Some adults are using their kids to steal, and it was caught by camera. Terrible!

The abuse of children to do bad things is very difficult to accept. The actions not only break they personality, but they also affect their future.

Some adults are using their kids to steal, and it was caught by camera. New Orleans police said that one video shows a man with a baby swipe someone’s wallet in a hotel lift.

Another video from California police shows two boys stealing Red Bull from a store while their mom distracts the store clerk. Later, mom, dad and son are seen throwing cans of drink at an employee.

One more incident happened Florida when Adults in family of nine suspected of using children to steal electronics from Toys ‘R’ Us. Two adults and seven children walked into the Toys R Us store in Boca Raton on Oct. 28, according to police. Deputies say the video shows the group in the electronics aisle, the kids crawling under the shelves while the grown-ups stood by. Toys R Us believes the adults told the kids to find and remove anti-theft devices from electronic tablets.

Parents steal Red Bull from the store with their kids. 

The incident happened in California. 

Obviously, when parents use their children to steal, they will learn that these actions are normal so they will do it many times without regretting. Therefore, parents should be careful in all the actions to avoid building bad habit for their children.

Watching video: 

Source video: Inside Edition

Source: News 5 Cleveland

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