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Warning: You will get poison, stomach pain, diarrhea if you eat honey together with these things that many people do not know
October 11 2018, 11:32 AM
However, when you combine honey  with these foods, you can be poisoned, leading to many cases of unfortunate occur.

Honey has many beneficial effects on human health. However, when you combine honey  with these foods, you can be poisoned, leading to many cases of unfortunate occur.


Combined honey with onions cause diarrhea.

Combined honey with onion will cause organic acids, enzymes in honey to encounter sulfur-containing amino acids in the onion, resulting in harmful chemical reactions, or to produce toxic substances, stimulate gastric acid. run

Crucian carp



Crucian carp is the enemy of honeyBecause eating Crucian carp  with honey will poison heavy metals, the consequences are very serious.


If accidentally in some dish, you combine honey and carp are not good, the body can be poisoned immediately. In this case, you can use black beans, licorice to detoxify.

Hot water

Honey can be taken with warm water, which is good for the body. But if the honey mix with boiled water is not good.

Honey has a high concentration of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. If mixed with boiling water, will not be able to maintain the color, natural taste, but also break the nutritional components of honey. The best temperature to mix with honey is 35 degrees Celsius.


Beans, as well as processed bean and honey products, are nutritious and healthy. However, they can not be combined for processing, otherwise lead to diarrhea.

In addition, minerals, vegetable proteins, organic acids in tofu if combined with enzymes in honey will occur adverse health biochemistry.

Shallot Leaves

According to folklore, young children with cough often use honey and willow leaves to get water for drinking. But that’s not the case. It only works if the baby’s digestive system is relatively stable. Chives are rich in vitamin C. However, if combined with honey can cause diarrhea.


Honey and cilantro, if accidentally combine them in a dish that is not good, can cause liver damage, swelling or red eye.


It seems very difficult to understand because the rice is cool, healthy we still eat every day. Honey is nutritious. But the truth is, honey eaten with rice can cause stomach ache.

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