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Warning: Pet heating mat causes fire, destroying the whole apartment
December 13 2018, 2:21 PM
A heating mat for a pet dog has encountered a electrical problem causing the fire.

On 12/12, a status posted on a social networking facebook group with the content “In this cold season, everyone must be careful with an electrical heating blanket”

According to the owner of the status, “Last night my house got fire due to electric blankets, people are safe, fortunately, the small fire did not affect the neighbors and cause heavy damage.

Thank the neighbors for their help, especially to the fire police. Winter is coming, the demand for heating up is increasing, people should pay attention to electricity equipment”.

In the evening of the same day, leaders of the fire brigade of Dong Da district in Hanoi confirmed the incident and said: “We received the news at 5.12 am 12/12, in only 4 minutes, we are at the scene and put out fire.”

The fire scene is on the 4th-floor room a small alley in Hao Nam Street (Dong Da). Very quickly after coming, we have controlled and extinguished the fire completely. This is a small fire, according to the owner of the heating blanket for the dog has trouble, causes fires.

Fire burns air conditioning, tables, chairs, broken windows and some belongings in the room, which affects the neighboring households. Leaders of the fire department urged people to be more vigilant about fire-prone objects, avoiding unfortunate accidents.

Source: afamily 

Hoang Ngan

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