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Warning to parents: Toddler suffers second-degree burns from the hidden danger lurking in playgrounds
November 23 2018, 3:30 PM
A mother has told of the horrible moment her 18-month-old daughter suffered second-degree burns to the bottom of her feet while playing at a Queensland park.

Simone Pickering posted photos of the horrific injuries to her child after she walked across a metal plate near the playground. Her daughter stepped barefoot on to the metal plate and was injured in “seconds”.

“Our daughter just happened to walk a short distance from where myself and family were sitting to find herself paralysed, standing on one of these scorching-hot metal plates unable to move due to the intensity of the heat below,” she said.

“To hear the unbearable pain your child is in and not be able to soothe her or take it away messes with your head,” the Queensland mum posted on Facebook. Her daughter was rushed to hospital, suffering severe blistering and burns so bad that she will lose some feeling in the bottom of her feet for the rest of her life.

Pickering said it was the most heartbreaking moment of her life and is furious her daughter won’t make a “full recovery”.

“Our daughter will never truly know what is normal feeling in her feet”.

The 18-month-old’s mother is desperate to use her toddler’s horrific experience as a warning to other parents in the hope they can prevent other children from suffering severe injuries.

In a statement, an Ipswich City Council spokesperson said the metal plate had been coated with a heavy paving paint to keep it cooler in hot weather.

Source photo: Simone Pickering/Collected

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