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Warning from paediatrician: parents should not use pillow for infants because of dangerous threats
November 25 2018, 3:46 PM
Using pillow may be a reason leading to infants’ sudden death and bone damage.

During 9 months 10 days, any mother wishes to meet her child than anyone else. To prepare the best journey for both mother and children, a lot of would-be mothers read parenting books, gather advises and learn about everything relating to caring children. Among essential knowledge, mother tend to concern about whether parents should use pillows for infants or not?

A lot of mothers think that adults would have a good sleep if using a pillow and infants do. In fact, infants can still have goof sleep without pillows. According to paesiaticians, mothers should not use pillow for infants as the following reasons:

Easy to suffer sudden death

SIDS is a name of sudden death in children, especially children under 1 year old. The strange thing is that before SIDS happens, infants are in good conditions, they don’t show any dangerous signs. Sudden death during infants’ sleeping is considered as the main reason of SIDS for infants under 1 year old.

Cause allergy

Sleeping infants usually toss and turn and they are not aware of surrounding objects. Therefore, using pillow which is too soft or too thick can cause suffocation. If parents don’t pay much attention on their babies, unfortunate incidents can happen. Parents should use a thin towel and limit surrounding objects.

In the market today, there are many types of pillows for children with a variety of types, materials, colors and designs. However, if the mothers does not choose carefully, it is very easy to affect the infant’s skin. It is acknowledged that the skin is very sensitive to children, or else babies can be allergic, have red rash when contacting with shell material or insecure inside the pillow. Mothers should not choose pillows with too many colors, as often these are dyed with chemical colors that are not good for baby skin.

Affect bone system

According to experts, children under 2 years old, their bone is weak and fragile, so it is easy that kid’s head can be distort due to sleeping in one poise a long time. Because the backbone of the baby is straight, the head and back should be straight, so when the head is rested, the neck will be twisted, the spine will change shape, affect the development of the child’s spine. The risk of spinal deformities in children is very high.

Paediatricians recommend that children over 2 years old should start to use pillow and if parents would like to use pillow before the age, parents should follow these suggestions:

1. Only give the child pillows during the day when there is an adult’s observation. Use a 1 mm thin towel or pillow at night.

2. Do not use any pillows wrapped outside by beads or sparkles

3. Choose a baby sized pillow to keep your baby from being distracted. The most appropriate pillow is one which is not too bigger than kid’s head.

4. Choose pillow made of materials which don’t cause allergy for infants. Mother should avoid polyester-made pillows.

5. Never feed your baby when lying on a pillow, so choose a safe place to eat.

6. Mother should ensure frequent washing of the pillow and pillow exposure because babies are often crying, drooling, sleeping in sweat … all will stick to the pillow, so if hygiene is not guaranteed, it will affect the delicate skin of the newborn.

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