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Warning: Latest theft tricks to steal car with only a bottle of water
October 12 2018, 4:43 PM
A warning about the potential carjacking scam where would-be carjackers insert a plastic bottle in between the tyre of a car.

Unfortunately, criminal minds are also very creative. Malicious people continue to find new ways to cheat, rob, and deceive innocent people.

Today we will show you a recent trick that is being used to steal cars: the plastic bottle on the tire method.

If you see an empty bottle near your car, don’t leave the vehicle to check it out. Every week, police are warning of people of new scams, and how we should act in those situations. One of the latest theft tricks is to put an empty bottle on the tire.

First, the criminal places the object on the front wheel on the right side of our car.

Then, when we start the engine, we hear a strange noise, the sound of the bottle being crushed. Our first instinct is to get out of the vehicle and check it out. But it’s when the owner gets out of the car to see what happened that the thieves take action.

Usually, when people get out to check the car, they leave the key in the ignition. Criminals take advantage of this moment of distraction to steal the vehicle.

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Source video: Gatinhitoluz

Source: Gatinhitoluz

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