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Warning: This kind of food that can cause breast cancer are found in every household’s refrigerator!
January 02 2019, 9:58 AM
Many people think that canned foods provide many nutrients for the body, save time for processing and are easy to preserve. However, the fact that it has quite a lot of horrible harms.

Breast cancer is an obsession for women because according to statistics, it is the disease with the highest number of deaths among other cancers in women. More dangerous, the disease is tending to rejuvenate, causing more fear for many people. There are many causes, but one that is not well known but everyone can control is the diet.

A new study by the Breast Cancer Foundation (Australia) found that high level of toxicity of Bisphenol A, often abbreviated as BPA, in many canned foods sold in the country market.

Scientists say the level of harm can vary according to the amount of consumption and the consequences can lead to the risk of many health problems, from breast cancer, prostate cancer, slowing down or accelerating puberty in girls, up to type 2 diabetes, obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Canned foods often contain a large amount of preservatives and they are processed with high salt content also for preservation purposes. These additives are added to canned foods for the purpose of prolonging the shelf life of food by anti-microbial, anti-chemical food ingredient changes, and physical changes. of product and insect repellent.

These substances will build up in the body and repress, over time they will cause digestive diseases, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and according to scientists’ research, they will also cause dangerous diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer … During processing and preservation, nutrients and vitamins A, B, C, antioxidants have been decomposed. Therefore, for canned food, nutrients will not be much. The types of fats included in it can also cause human diseases such as fatty blood, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Particularly with canned foods such as jam, dried fruits … the processing process often increases the sugar content to create delicious and attractive products. However, it also causes an increase in calories and carbohydrates, causing obesity and diabetes.

It should be noted that, because of its low nutritional value and high sugar content, it is not beneficial for pregnant women and fetus to use canned foods, even if the risk of miscarriage or fetal defects may increase.In addition, if you unfortunately eat ‘dirty’ canned food, you are at risk of food poisoning that can lead to death or metal poisoning leading to cardiovascular disease and cancer. In the face of risks to general health and breast cancer in particular, experts recommend that people should limit their consumption of canned foods, should not store cans too long in the refrigerator to protect your own health and prevent breast cancer.

Kim Ngan Do

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