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Warning: That is an extremely scary risk if all lips are cut off due to terrible complications from lip inkjet tattoo, filler injection, women should stop do this immediately
June 08 2018, 3:52 PM
To reduce the lip color weaknesses, many women are used to the method of tattooing, spraying modernly without having accurate knowledges about the potential complications.

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To reduce the lip color weaknesses, many women are used to the method of inkjet tattoo modernly without having accurate knowledges about the potential complications.

Aesthetic solution for the girl with bruise lips:

Lip inkjet tattoo is the use of metal to put a amount of coloring substance deep under the epidermis of the skin to overcome the dark, tarnished state of lip. For girls with pale lips, this is a useful solution for this defect. In addition, lip inkjet tattoo also help lazy women not being ‘less beautiful’ when they don’t make up.

Compared with lipstick, this method has a dominanter advantage which keeps the fresh color permanent on lips. In Hanoi as well as other cities, lip inkjet tattoos are a popular beauty method. Because of simple, convenient and low price (from 800 thousand to 2 million VND depending on service needs), lip tattoos are becoming the beauty trend of most women.

In addition, to help lips juicy, rosy or change them to a heart shape , some Eva also prefer a different type of aesthetic named filler injection with a higher cost ( approximately 10-13 million VND) .

Many unpredictable risks from Inkjet tattoo and filler injection:

By applying needles directly into the skin, inkjet tattoo are a potential danger to the skin and health, especially when the specialist in plastic surgery is lack of professional knowledge.

The most common complication is an autoinfection at the tattoo trace that causes the lips to swell red up, then be achy for a long time. More harmful, many people also bleed, have acnes, pus in the lips, if they are not treated in time, they will make the necrotic lip extremely dangerous. Swelling is a sign that everyone is after tattoos, but if swelling is only 2-3 days, do not worry, cause after that they will heal. However, if the trace are swollen constantly 5 days, it is unnormal, you need to Doctors for counseling and treatment immediately.

Allergies to the liquid of inkjet tattoo are not rare nowadays. The first sign is our lip after the tattoo for months or years has been suddenly dry and flaky. The main reason is the tattoo ink containing chemicals, we will have allergy easily if the beauty salon uses the poor quality tattoo ink.

According to the Ministry of Health’s annual report, more than 60% of unfortunate risks occur due to customer’s incorrect beauty salon choices. Among them, many people have regeted of suffering from contagious diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B-C,…) in their rest life, because of the irresponsibility of some salon owner during the cosmetic surgery implementation.

Hoang Yen

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