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Warning: Even when your house is carefully locked, thieves still can break into
August 09 2018, 10:57 AM
This short video demonstrated that: Though being locked carefully, your house is still broken into.

The house with twice lock was still broken into

House with high security keys nowadays seem not to prevent thieves from robbing anymore. Whenever you get out of your house, it will be at risk.

Waiting until the owner left, the thief jumped inside and unlocked the door

It’s not exaggerating, some ridiculous cases did happen, especially in big cities.

This short video describes briefly how easy a robber can unlock keys and break into your house. The young owner had two locks on his front door and strong fence, it appeared to be nothing to this thief.

The thief waited until the owner left to work, carefully checked that there was nobody realizing his action. Then, he climbed over the fence like an expert. Done ! He already got into the house.

It didn’t take so much time for the thief to unlock all the keys and took valuable properties such as money, laptop or phone.

The thief sneaked out with many valuable properties

So, in this more and more dangerous society, what can you do to prevent situations like this ?

Firstly, you have to stay alert all the time, obviously.

Specially, you can build secrity system around your house. Remember to buy equipments from famous companies.

In general, together with proper control of government, we believe in a civilized community.

Watching video:

Ngoc Anh

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