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Warning about eating habits from 27-year-old girl with end-stage stomach cancer
January 27 2019, 9:05 AM
There are seemingly harmless habits that are "unbelievably harmful" to the stomach - the most vulnerable part of the digestive system.

Xiao Hi, 27 years old, from Quanzhou, China, recently suffered from frequent abdominal pain.

When she went to the hospital, the doctor told her that she had symptoms of chronic stomach pain and stomach ulcers. In order to understand the condition, the doctor advised Tieu Hi to complete the endoscopic procedure. However, for fear of this method, she refused to use it, only doing color ultrasound.

About two months later, when abdominal pain became more intense, at that time, Xiao Hi’s father decided to take his daughter to the hospital for endoscopic endoscopic treatment. Unexpectedly, the results showed that she had end-stage gastric cancer to have surgery immediately. After hearing the results, Tieu Hi and his father were all stunned, unable to believe they had such a dangerous disease when she were too young.

After the doctor inquired about the daily routine of Xiao Hi, besides working time, she spent most of time at home. However, his daughter has a habit of staying up late at night watching movies and eating late with instant foods such as instant noodles and baked goods.

According to doctors, although daily eating habits are not the main cause of stomach cancer, it has a significant impact on health. If you regularly use baked goods and instant noodles will cause the digestive system overloaded, accidentally affect other functions in the body.

Doctors also said that to prevent cancer in addition to having a scientific lifestyle, whether male or female, they should go to a general examination and check every 6 months for early detection of disease and avoid leading to happenings. heavy as cancer. Women after the age of 25 need a proper diet, because at the same time, the ability of absorption and metabolism in the body is getting worse.

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