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Wanting to keep the 5-month-old child in the abdomen, the mother refused to cure the cancer and the miracle came
January 18 2019, 3:02 PM
Despite the life-threatening danger when stopping cancer treatment, the young mother determined to keep her 5-month-old pregnancy. Many people couldn't hold back their tears from her actions.

Zang Lijun (26) from Shanghai was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was 5 months pregnant. She and her husband got married about a year ago. Both were in the happiness of their new marriage and having their first son but the unhappiness came, Lijun suffered from a serious disease.

Ms. Zang Lijun and her husband have been married for 1 year

Lijun was diagnosed with cancer when she was 5 months pregnant

The young mother decided to stop treating pancreatic cancer to ensure the safety of her pregnancy

Because Lijun was pregnant, she could not cut the pancreas tissue to treat cancer. If she still wanted to treat, the child in her abdomen may not be able to keep.

The test showed that the child was not infected with cancer cells from Lijun, she decided to keep the baby and refused to treat the disease. If she skipped this stage, her illness would develop very quickly and then the surgery would be very dangerous.

Lijun still resolutely stopped treatment to care for the pregnancy. She said, “I have lived 26 years in my life and this child has not yet seen the sun. I want to give birth to the baby”. She decided to give her 5-month-old son the name Xiao Long, because her husband’s age was dragon.

When the baby was 7 months old, Lijun had surgery to bring the baby out

Due to premature birth, the child was taken to a special treatment room

When the fetus was 7 months old, Lijun had surgery to bring the baby out. Despite being born prematurely, luckily, the child survived miraculously. After giving birth, Lijun began to treat cancer. But at that time, the doctor diagnosed that her tumor developed into malignant tumor – round cell cancer. In 2000 cases of pancreatic cancer, they have never met this case and the surgery was no longer meaningful.

Due to the lack of early treatment, Ms. Lijun’s cancer has developed into malignant tumor and she had to treat by radiotherapy to prolong the time

Her husband was extremely distressed when he knew his wife’s illness

However Lijun never regretted stopping treatment to protect her child

Her husband was always there to take care of her and encourage her

When she felt pain due to radiation therapy

From the start of radiation therapy

At the end of her hair loss, he was with his wife

Lijun finally started the radiotherapy. During this time, her husband and family were always with her. She also tried to spend a lot of time with her newborn baby, because of fearing that one day she could no longer see the child.

Lijun also tried to spend a lot of time with her newborn baby

Lijun’s love for her baby touched many people

Her mother-in-law and her husband’s family always took care of Lijun

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