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Wanting to get acquainted with the girl in “waving street”, just coming to look at the face, the young man was shocked
February 12 2019, 4:35 PM
Looking far away, thinking that a hot girl needed help, going near, then discovering that the mannequin did not have hair, the scene made viewers startle.

A young man was driving on the road, suddenly saw a girl wearing a very beautiful white dress. Thinking that luck was coming, because of the desire to get acquainted with beautiful girls, the guy drove to the place where the girl was sitting.

The guy thought that this girl was in need of help so he had to seize the opportunity to flirt with this beautiful young girl. But everything never happens according to our arrangements. When this guy came to the girl, he was shocked to be stone-dead by discovering the truth. The girl was a mannequin without hair, looking like a ghost on the road to scare people.

After being shared on the social network, this incident has received many different opinions. Someone thinks that someone who put the mannequin there has an abnormal mind. Moving on the road in the dark, someone who has a weak heart sees this mannequin making them have a stroke. But some people argue that this is an expensive lesson to teach promiscuous men.

Minh Chi

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