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When you want to be a dancer but your parents want you to be a cameraman
September 11 2018, 3:08 PM
Nothing can stop this man from chasing his dream become a dancer!

Ever wondered how these cool dance music video shots get made and how they choreograph the moves to fit in frame? Now this camera man will help you understand more about it (and maybe, give you a good laugh)

First it looks really normal, with a K-pop dance cover on the waling street and a camera man

Until this man shows some moves that exactly fit with the music

Ups and downs…

He literally dance with them!

Legs work and twerking are nothing!

He even does some movement from the choreography – agyeo!

In the entertainment industry, this is normal to see everyday. But to us – those who rarely see it, it’s really funny. But, that’s how movies and music videos are actually made during dynamic movement. Usually dolly are used for fixed movement so a handyman carrying a camera around instead creates a more dynamic affect and saves money, time, and looks better. Biggest thing to avoid filming is to avoid using the zoom button feature. That’s why a lot of production physically moves the camera to do the zoom, especially on a seat or liner that moves them.

When people are watching the cameraman instead of the dancers

Well, we can conclude that, this “cameraman” is actually “the fifth dancer”, who carries through the whole performance ground and time….

Watch here:

Video source: For Cameraman world


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