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How to walk your dog in traffic: both riding car and walking your dog
September 18 2018, 9:10 AM
A man was captured walking a dog to a pet store when he was sitting in a moving car.

The video, captured in Dongguan City in southern Guangdong Province on September 8, shows a dog running along a busy road beside a car as a man sitting on the passenger’s seat holding a leash tied on it.

According to reports, the dog owner was afraid that the pet would make his car dirty as it had diarrhea and needed to be cleaned in a pet shop.

The slow car obstructs traffic, making other cars slow down behind

The driver was fined and deducted points on his licence.

And this is not the only man walking his dog in a weird way. An elderly man walked his dog by using an escalator in a Chinese mall as a budget treadmill.

The clip, captured in Kaifeng City in central Henan Province on April 15, shows a dog walking the wrong way on an escalator while it’s held on a leash by a man.

A netizen said it was the laziest way to walk your dog.

Watch video:

Source video: Newsflare

Source reference: Newsflare

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