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Waking up and seeing swollen limbs, the woman secretly placed the camera in her home and discovered a dozen people living with her for so long
January 31 2019, 11:39 AM
Always seeing a strange point in the house, it turns out that the 58-year-old woman has lived with ghosts for 36 years!

A 58-year-old woman shared with the press that her house is “home” of many souls and haunted heavily, the souls living here often make fun of and destroy for 36 years when she lives here.

A mother of three children in England, Gaynor Issitt often experiences mysterious psychic phenomena in her own home. According to Ms Gaynor, when she slept in the house, she was often grabbed by her supernatural powers and it pulled her out of bed, hit her and pushed her down the stairs. These terrible spiritual phenomena appeared during her 36 years living in this “haunted” house. Gaynor said: “The old owner also admitted to me that the ghosts have existed here for a long time, since the old owner moved to live and met many strange demonic phenomena.”

The haunted house looked from the outside is so normal

Although she have lived with souls for a long time, Gaynor was constantly threatened by ghost activity in the house. September is the time when the souls in the house act powerfully most. Gaynor was constantly beaten in this month and many places in the house suddenly burned for no reason. She believes that evil spirits often make fire on Gaynor’s household items, such as the Bible, furniture and photos. Gaynor said: “Because they often burn things around the house, I reluctantly put a lot of buckets of water around the rooms to put out the fire.”

Household items are often caught fire with unknown reasons

Many “supernatural” scientists visited Gaynor’s family and confirmed that Gaynor’s words were true. Survey results show that her home is one of the top five haunted houses in the UK. Expert Mark Vernon saw many strange scenes at Gaynor’s house.

According to Mark, explaining the fact that the evil spirits regularly harass the family living here, he told Mark his true identity, the serial killer who killed 11 women in 1888. According to Mark’s investigation, there was actually a suspect named Frederick Deeming who had been suspected of being a murderer had lived in Gaynor’s house.

People who enter the house are often attacked without understanding the reason

Gaynor discovered there was more than one ghost in the house. She saw female ghosts, child ghosts and male ghosts and they even recounted murders or crimes that they caused through hissing sounds in the air, but even when she invited more pastors and mages, it was impossible to subdue or deport these frightening ghosts. Her husband was harmed by another evil soul, driving him crazy and having to go to a nursing center for special medical care.

Though she is now alone in a terrifying haunted house, Gaynor is determined to fight against all the mysterious forces to retain her own home.

Source: Ezivivi

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